100 Cities, 100 Billion RMB & 10,000 Enterprises! CEC Released Modern Digital City Solutions

编辑: 中国电子
发布于: 2020-10-13 00:00
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On the morning of October 13th 2020, Digital City Forum of the 3rd Digital China Summit was held in the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fuzhou, Fujian province. At the forum, CEC released its optimized solution — “One Bank, Two Chains”, namely the data factor bank, data value chain, and data asset chain. The solution, with “One Bank, Two Chains” at its core, guided by the requirements of digital city construction, featuring the “Three Diagrams” (business analysis diagram, technical architecture diagram, and cooperation model diagram), has mapped out a modern digital city construction plan for the next three years under the theme “Working with 100 cities and nurturing 10,000 digital enterprises”.

In the next three years, CEC will develop in-depth cooperation with 100 cities by investing over 100 billion RMB to nurture more than 10,000 digital partner companies for partner cities, thereby opening the digital future and facilitating the development of digital China.


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