CEC and Tsinghua University Jointly Released China's 2021 White Paper on City Data Governance Project

编辑: 中国电子
发布于: 2021-08-20 00:00
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On August 20th 2021, CEC and Tsinghua University jointly released China’s 2021 White Paper on City Data Governance Project. Given that modern digital city construction and data governance are facing challenges imposed by data security and data factors marketization, the White Paper proposed the solution in China firstly to the integrated governance on data security and factors, which would provide guidance for city data governance practice. This solution is supported by the data security capability built by CEC’s PKS system, the 10,000-member cyber attack-and-defense team, the data security technologies, and rich experience gained from theoretical research and practical experiments on data governance with a focus on mechanism, technology, and market.

CEC and Tsinghua University will make joint-efforts with eco-partners in advancing the research and implementation of data governance projects centering on law, technology, economy, security, management, and application under related regulations and urban demand.


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